At Chrysalis we only use the best products and waxing is no exception. We use Australian Body Care Tea Tree Wax and After Care as it is very gentle on the skin and causes a minimum of redness, a truly wonderful product!

Lip or Chin  £8.50 - (15 minutes)
Under Arm £9.50 - (15 minutes)
Half Arm £15.50 - (30 minutes)
Half Leg  £15.50 - (30 minutes)
Full Leg  £20.50 - (45 minutes)
Full Leg and Bikini Line  £26.50 - (1 hour)
Back Wax £20.50 - (30 minutes)
Chest Wax  £20.50 - (30 minutes)
Bikini Line (Following the panty line)  £9.50 - (15 minutes)
Extended Bikini Line (Following the line of a G string) £11.50 - (30 minutes)
Brazilian (Three finger strip of hair remaining on the front)  £20.50 - (30 minutes)
Playboy (One finger strip of hair remaining on the front)  £20.50 - (30 minutes)
Hollywood (All off)  £20.50 - (30 minutes)


Ellebana Lash Lift

(A comfortable treatment that works with your natural lashes to lift from the root to give the illusion of longer, thicker lashes. Works on short and long lashes.)
£35.00 - (1 hour)
Eyebrow Waxing and Shaping £8.50 - (15 minutes)
Eyebrow Tint (Patch test requierd) £8.50 - (15 minutes)
Eyelash Tint (Patch test requierd)  £9.50 - (15 minutes)
All Three Above Together £26.00 - (30 minutes)
Weekend Lashes (Patch test requierd)  £20.00 - (30 minutes)

Patch test required for all lash and brow tinting, perming and extensions



5 Minutes £9.00
10 Minutes £3.00
15 Minutes £17.00
30 Minutes £26.00


Express Facial - (30 minutes) 

Enjoy a cleanse, scrub, facial mask and a face and hand massage using the best products to suit your skins needs, leaving your skin truly radiant. This facial is a perfect pick me up for a lunch time treat – Optimum results in the shortest time!
Luxury Facial - (1 hour 15 minutes)

A lovely relaxing treatment. Includes an invigorating back scrub, back massage and soothing facial to help melt away your stresses from daily life, leaving you feeling uplifted and refreshed.
Full Body Massage - (1 hour) 

Wonderful for cellulite, fluid retention, stretch marks and muscular aches and pains, using the very best massage medium.
Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage - (30 minutes) 

A relaxing therapeutic treatment using 100% natural oils treating your specific needs and requirements.
Spa Peeling - (30 minutes)  

A top to toe exfoliation including a relaxing massage, an ideal stand alone treatment or the perfect skin preparation for one of our more advanced body programmes.


All pamper packages include a light lunch, a glass of Prosecco, soft drink or coffee.


File and polish fingers and toes
Back, neck and shoulder massage.
Dermalux LED light therapy (Anti-ageing, increases collagen and elastin production and softens lines, leaving skin smooth, radiant, rejuvinated and refined).

File and polish fingers and toes
Express facial
Back, neck and shoulder massage.
Dermalux LED light therapy.

Express facial
Full body massage
Dermalux LED light therapy.


Gel Overlays - (45 minutes) 

These are particularly good for individuals who have very short, weak or bitten nails because they allow the nail to strengthen and grow below the layer of gel.
Gel Overlays with Shellac Polish - (60 minutes)  £35.00
Shellac Gel Polish - (45 minutes) 

The world nail crisis is over! Shellac is the breakthrough technology that combines the ease of polish with the performance of gels. Shellac is UV cured so there is zero drying time. It’s thin and flexible like polish so not only does it look natural it provides strong natural nail protection, a true innovation in chip free, extended wear nail colour.
Shellac Soak Off - (15 minutes)  £3.00
Manicure - (45 minutes) 

Includes nail and cuticle treatment, nail shaping, arm massage and nail enamel of your choice.
Pedicure  - (60 minutes) 

This wonderful relaxing treatment includes nail shaping, cuticle and hard skin removal, followed by a relaxing massage to cool and revitalise the legs and feet, followed with your choice of enamel if required.
Add Shellac Gel Polish to a Manicure or Pedicure  £10.00
File and Polish - (30 minutes) £10.00
Callus Heel Peel - (30 minutes)

Our special Callus Peel product will leave feet soft and feeling rejuvenated. The Callus Peel is applied to the problem areas, allowing calluses to be scraped away quickly, this four step system gives results that you can see right away.
Add Callus Heel Peel to Your Pedicure £10.00