Q. Are the treatments safe?

A. Completely, a full consultation is given prior to any of our treatments. we use only the best, certified products and all of our staff are highly qualified. Some treatments may require a day or so 'downtime' but this would be advised prior to the treatment.
Caci non surgical face lift is actually used by some of the worlds top athletes for treating muscle and soft tissue injuries and is widely used in Hospitals to treat Bell's Palsy and Stroke victims.

Q. Are treatments painful?

A. Most treatments are pain free and very relaxing.

Q. Are there any side effects with your treatments?

A. Apart from the fact that clients are so pleased with the results that they become addicted to the treatment, there are no known side effects.
A little redness and skin peeling can be experienced with some of our deeper skin peels but only for a day or 2 and you would be made aware of this prior to treatment.

Q. Are there any individuals not suitable for the treatment?

A. A full medical questionnaire will be required prior to treatment. There are very few conditions in which we couldn't treat and in some cases we may require a letter of consent from your Doctor.
If you have a condition and would like a treatment we suggest you call the salon and ask our advice to avoid disappointment.

Q. How many treatments will I need and what duration?

A. Courses for caci non surgical face lifts vary depending on age and muscle tone. It can range from 10 - 15 treatments and the courses are tailor made to suit each clients needs.
We strongly recommend booking a free consultation to determine how many treatments you require. Peels and microdermabrasion vary from 3 to 6 treatments however a single treatment can sometimes be enough with a Monthly maintenance to continue the results.

Q. What is the best age to start CACI?

A. It's never too late to get results, think of it as taking your face to the gym. Younger people > have CACI as a preventative measure but as we age the treatment is corrective as well as dramatically slowing down the ageing process.

Q. What happens if I stop having CACI treatments?

A. The results of CACI treatments are long lasting if you keep up with your maintenance treatments. If you stop having maintenance treatments, over time your skin will return to its original state.

Q. What age do you have to have treatments?

A. Clients must be 16 or over. We can see younger clients if they attend with a consenting adult.