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CRYSTAL CLEAR - Microdermabrasion

Dubbed the ‘beauty treatment to the stars’, Crystal Clear is a microdermabrasion system with a legion of celebrity fans, including Madonna, Victoria Beckham, Martine McCutcheon, Cameron Diaz, Gisele andCrystal Clear uses a stream of microscopic crystals to remove dead skin cells and polish the epidermis. The result is instantly smooth and fresh skin with a noticeable reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. Acne scarring and pigmentation are also visibly improved.

A gentle vacuum action lifts away dead skin cells and stimulates facial muscles, which has an immediate lifting effect to the jaw-line, cheekbone and upper eye area while tightening and reducing puffiness under the eye.

We recommend a course of between 10 and 15 treatments for optimum results. A discount is available for courses paid in advance.

Crystal Clear is conclusively proven to dramatically and visibly improve the texture and appearance of the facial skin.

Crystal Clear  £34 - (30 mins)
Crystal Clear pre-paid £150 - 5 treatments (saving £20)
Crystal Clear Deluxe Anti-Ageing Facial £55 - (1hr)

All the benefits of Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion with the addition of a mini mask lift to cool, soothe and hydrate the skin.

Why not combine Crystal Clear with a CACI for maximum impact, perfect for an extra collagen boost. (save £5 on the cost of Crystal Clear)

We offer 15 different skin peels from light nourishing peels through to a full chemical peel. These really do deliver results for anti-ageing, acne, scars & pigmentation. A consultation is essential before treatment so we can advise the best course of treatment for your skin type and condition.

Light Peels  £40
Medium Peels £60
Medium Deep Peels £70
TCA Deep Peels £200

Free skin consultations are available please call to book your appointment.


Dermal roller uses 192 micro needles, as the tiny needles are rolled over the skin they part the pores of the skin without damage resulting in reduced skin imperfections. This fantastic treatment stimulates collagen and elastin fibres and gives the skin a smoother, brighter, healthier appearance. Gives amazing results on scars, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, stretch marks, cellulite and hair loss.

Dermal Roller treatment - - - - - - - - £160


This revolutionary treatment for red veins/spider veins, red spots and rosacea is fast, effective and virtually pain free. Equipped with a magnifier, the therapist uses a very fine sterile needle to pass a high frequency wave through the vein to make it disappear instantly.

Veinwave can be applied to any skin complexion because it does not cause loss of pigmentation and is highly effective on men and women.

Veinwave treatment (Free 15 minute consultation) - - - - - - - - £85.00